Friday, July 11, 2014

A cat??? Has my heart??

I should probably be ashamed of myself
for admitting this but, one of the best thing
that has come from separation is to be gone 
of the dogs….
I did love them, I am sure in some way,
but they tied me down and I resented that.
They were never trained in the way they should
so they were more work than fun.
A few weeks ago, I called Baby boy to talk
me out of getting a new dog.
"Dude, don't get a dog, you hated those dogs,
all you ever did was complain about them
and you hated that you couldn't go where you wanted…"
Well I surely called the right one.
Ronnie has always loved the dogs more than I
so it was a no-brainer that he would take them
both… and baby boy, well, he was right.
So nice to leave with no worries about them.
Which brings me to this post.
Gypsy baby's sweet cat, Knox.
I have never been an animal lover as the rest of 
the family. Even when the babies were young, I allowed
pets because I think all children should have pets to 
learn to care for, but I didn't like it. I hated fur in 
my house. Knox, well the first few weeks Gypsy baby
brought her here, I didn't see her. She probably knew
how I felt so stayed away. Yet, time has passed and
Gypsy is always working which has left myself and Knox 
alone much. She has me feel sorry for her.
I don't know why but she is stealing my heart because, like
right now, she comes to sit on the opposite side of the sofa from me
asking nothing, just laying, sleeping but not needy.
So, in her way of not being needy, she has me wanting to 
show her affection. I reach over and pet her and she purrs
but still does not beg for more. Poor little knox,
I know probably one of the luckiest cats in the world
but still has my heart feeling like she is lonely.
I may complain about cats but I know when gypsy moves 
on I will miss the time with Knox.

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