Sunday, July 20, 2014

The way to leave this world

If there is ever a perfect way to leave this world,
it would be the way our dear MaMa Goose is doing it.
I entered her home yesterday to all those who love her surrounding
her hospital bed in her own living room. 
There was her daughter, Connie sitting close, holding
her hand and on the other side of her was an empty 
chair. I guess for whoever felt the urge at the time
to take up the place to be closer to Ma Gus.
Surrounding the wall of this room were chairs and not
one seat was empty. When one got up, there was another to
fill it. For the few hours I was there, never was there and empty
chair. It is evident she is on her last days, ready
to check out to her next journey. Her family has shared
stories with me of how she has said she is ready to
go home while pointing to the heavens.
She has been seen speaking to her dear husband, Sam
who went ahead of her many years before.
On this most beautiful day, Gus slept the whole
time. Still we spoke as though she was hearing us.
We all shared old stories, laughed and cried.
I rubbed her hair, told her a few time how much
I loved her, joked with her that I was hoping
she had me some "canad" cooked.
You see, every Sunday, even when she felt badly she
cooked Sunday lunch and her family went there.
All were invited, the menu was whatever her loved ones
requested. I have had many Sunday meals in that home.
so I teased her about how I had come to eat.
It was not a sad place to be, even though death was
imminent. Of course there were tears shed at different times
of the visit but none were overly sad.
I was so glad I had made the the unplanned trip.
It was inspiring and reminded me of my own Mommy's passing.
How beautiful death can be, giving me the hope that there
is so much more after this life.
As I kissed all that surrounded our Gus that day,
I saved her for last.
I bent down close to her, I rubbed her head, I kissed her
cheek. I then asked her a favor,
"Ma Gus, I know where you are going when you leave her,
you are going straight to heaven, Our Lord, I know
that is where my Mommy also is. When You get there,
can you give my Momma, Minta a big, big hug and kiss
and tell her that is from her baby girl and that I miss her?
For the first time since I had been there, she tried to open her
eyes, she tried to focus on me and she gave me a small nod.
One tear fell down her cheek. A few fell down mine and
a few others who were close enough to hear my request.
I don't think I will see our dear Ma Gus alive again.
I love this woman, I love her family.
Through her illness much healing has been done in
this family. God is good like that. 
Her only daughter that has not been there is on her way
from Texas. I have no doubt it is she who ma Gus is
waiting for to leave her family to be with her husband.
RIP wonderful woman, they don't make them like
you anymore.

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  1. Ma Gus got her wings yesterday afternoon, please pray for the family as they lay their beloved Gus to rest.