Friday, July 18, 2014

Going on a rampage, warning, you may want to not read...

This is the greatest thing about this being My Blog….
I can say what I want without having to worry about
others opinions…. so here I go…
I am so freaking tired of people abusing, murdering 
their children and then getting pissed because
others just won't tell them they are right.
I should not judge, but my blog, I am.
A daddy who brings his son for breakfast,
in a car seat that he had outgrown, five minutes
from his work and sitter, then leaves him in the car
is not an innocent daddy. I know there are many out there
who this truly happened to them and for this murderer
to try and link himself with those who have really suffered this
tragedy even makes me more angry.
he knew when he drove up to work that baby was in 
that car. A child at 22 months, well I know Bean would
have said, "Uhhh, Mumsie, don't leave me here, it HOT!"
So, this so called Dad, which I don't think he deserves
to be called Dad, goes to work then sex texts with a few
women. Like why is he not working???
He goes to the car at lunch to put lightbulbs in his car, Really?
Like as if he needed to put bulbs at lunch in his car.
He went there to see if the deed was done.
How could he go there and not check to see how
his little boy was. Sick man.
The police say the smell of death was in that
car. I drive a Tucson, same care he did,
I could not rear face Bean's car seat with her in it 
at 22 months without her being cramped.
Her legs would have been in her throat.
This sweet baby trusted this man. 
Then the Mommy, to say,  at the funeral,
"If I could bring him back I would not because
I would not want any child to be raised in this cruel world."
No sympathy from this Mumsie.
I look at our Bean and her sister,
and I just could not imagine not only life without them nor
even any suffering brought to them.
They get sick and we all could cry.
So yeah, I am being judgmental.
These people need to not be just put in jail.
They need to be placed in a hot car, strapped into
a seat that is too small for them.
they need to stay sweaty with nothing to drink,
every day, then just before they are dead….
pull them out revive them, then do it again,
Every day until the dear Lord takes them out.
That's my story, sticking to it.

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