Monday, July 28, 2014

Another reason why I would change nothing of my life, even if I could

In counseling, she has asked me, if you could change…
and I never let her get farther from that because I know
the answer, have thought it out many times in my life.
the answer is…
"I would live the exact same life with maybe a few changes,
if it mean I could have the very same children I have.
I know many parents will read this and think, yeah,
my kids are that great too. And perhaps they are
but I only have these two, no others to compare to,
and I would not change them for anything.
Don't get me wrong, they are far from perfect.
They sometime think they are the grown up and
they are the parent, they give good advice sometimes
but if you choose to do what you want anyway, well
lets just say, they don't always like it.
They do have one thing in common with me,
neither is afraid of saying how they feel,
sometimes they are nice about it and sometimes
they are very abrupt. Yet, they both share one thing
in common with their Mother, uhhh me:
They are sensitive and they don't write love letters half
as much as I do, hardly ever, but when they do, oh 
it makes me cry.
So that is the story leading up to the blog.
I had a date this week and had two weeks to think
about it. I went back and forth talking to gypsy baby
and BB as well as kd as to whether or not I was ready for this.
Friday, when the day finally got here, I was excited and ready.
I got all dressed and headed to my car as we were meeting
in Thibodaux, and there, taped to my drivers side window was
this love letter:
All a Momma needs to know she is doing the right thing,
all a Momma needs to know she raised herself some awesome children.
Thank you my gypsy baby, my baby girl, my best pal.
I love, love, love, you and your brother so!


  1. They are the ppl they've grown to be mainly bc of you. So like I've told you numerous times, thank you for raising the man of our (myself,jilly,& jolee) dreams.....I need to add Jolee's name to the keychain lol

  2. bananna pudding with vanilla wafers is a pretty darn good fee for bed and breakfast after a night out on the town....

    just a thought for future reference

  3. okay, BFOB I got the hint, but uhhhh where were you the next morning when like a little girl, wanted to tell you all about it? you opted to go fishing….h mmmm half a banana pudding for that lol

  4. Thanks, Kd, love you gal, so glad you are ours..