Saturday, July 19, 2014

Some are made for comforting.

My baby boy, each time I share with him something that
he looks at as being depressing or negative,
he asks, "Man, you love that stuff, huh?"
or " do you look for this sad shit?"
Truth is, there are those like me, mostly those
in the medical profession who don't thrive on it
but know they can help those who are struggling.
I am a very positive person most days, always
looking for the good in a situation. But to others
it may look like thriving on the negative, the sad.
Some have a way of knowing what to say 
in those situations. I consider myself one of those.
I am not afraid to approach a subject that most would
rather not talk about. This morning, I call a dear friend
whose mother is dying. They don't expect her to make
it through the weekend so I am trying to make it 
there today. It's not enough for me to just try and
get there, I have to talk to my friend.
You see, this friend, we raised our children together.
Her mother was like a grandmother to my own babies,
my mother, the same to her son. So I know what she
is feeling, I know what she is thinking, I know all
those things she wishes she could say to the ones who
surround her Mothers death bed but won't say it as it would
hurt or make them sad. So I call, and I share my own 
experiences with her, she cries, I cry, she thanks me
but there is no need for that. It is a gift from God to
know what to say to someone who is hurting, what to
say to make them feel just a tad better.
So, no dear son, I don't thrive on this stuff,
but I am very thankful that I am not afraid to make
the call, to say the things others just don't have the courage
to say. Love to you all dear Sue, Scott, Foe and
all those who love our MaMa Goose.

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