Friday, May 27, 2011

The Visit

Another day of a double post
because again I am blown away by how God works.
I started my earlier post by saying I was going to visit TES.
What I didn't say is that I slept little last night so overslept
until 9 am which is very late for me.
What I didn't say is that I would not have gone to TES
had I not had to go sign papers.
Yet, when I got there I was told that the whole staff was
in the library and the principal was speaking to each
employee to acknowledge what each meant to her.
Like on cue, I walked in and all were excited to see me.
As though I had timed it, she got to my name
and on my card she had written the word:
She proceeded to share that she felt that although
I was beautiful outside but that my inner beauty is
the part that shined for all to see.
Wow, did I need to hear that!
I decided to stay and hear what she had to say about
all of us, I felt reconnected to this group once again.
Then the award pins went out and I was there to accept my
own 30 year pin.
Thirty years to a profession that I never imagined to have.
I then had lunch with my preK and Kn. teachers at Flanagan's
and viewed the new building with all of them.
What a beautiful fresh start.
Our Principal earlier had us each take a balloon
and we were to release them outside releasing any negative
thoughts that ever surrounded ourselves with the old TES
to start in the new building with a fresh start,
I released my balloon knowing that I am going back
to work in August.
I can do this, I know I can.

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