Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scrapping for the precious one..

Today is the day that I will break my
anxiety over scrapping for Jilly-bean.
I know all of you will think it is a strange thing that
Jilly-bean is almost 3 months old and I have not scrapped
not one picture of this precious cargo.
I have been overwelmed about scrapping for her.
I want her whole life to be so perfect and
trying to capture special pictures in an album
have made me fear that I will not do a good enough job.
So, it is true when I say not one page has been made
for her album.
The other fact is that I want to double whatever I make
for her book for my own book.
So today, I am determined that it will be the day
I break this silly fear of not doing her book justice.
Today I will do the first page knowing that once that
first page is done, the rest will be so easy.
I mean, I have to start, before I know it she will
be one and I will have no scrap book to produce
at her birthday party.
That would be a sin from a Mumsie who is known
for her scrapping....
Today, today is the day!
She loves her deda's kisses. Enjoy the video!

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