Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hooked on a picture

It happens to all of us.
A picture that for whatever reason becomes
embedded in your mind, forever in your heart.
I am not sure what it takes to make the picture special
yet when I think of my children as youngen's
there are certain pictures that have been taken
in their lives that my mind remembers.
In my home, I have a family wall
and there I have those pictures.
Kd, while visiting one day right after I finally
finished the wall, asked me why I had chosen
a certain picture of baby boy saying
that one was cute but there were so many others
that were better.
I explained that for me,
when I think of him being little, in my mind
that is one of the pictures I remember.
Which brings me back to the picture above.
It is not the fanciest picture, taken with my iphone
on the first overnight visit without bean's parents.
There is something about the beauty of the child
in this picture that tells me a story.
I shouldn't be in love with a picture that shows
the baby crying, especially because the tears
are because she missed her mommy and deda.
Yet, it will be forever one of my favorites
and when she is a woman, grown with her own
children, this picture will be the one
the camera in my heart will bring out of
its history.