Monday, February 6, 2012

The Rosie Show

I have never been a fan of Rosie O' Donnell.
I've never been a hater, but it's safe to say she was
never my favorite like Oprah is.
I find myself, now though listening to her
show in the car or watching her on the OWN channel.
At first, I hated her new show.
She was doing all this silly stuff,
trying to make her show a daytime Letterman type.
No one can be Letterman and no one can
do that during daylight hours, especially not Rosie.
Then, she and Oprah must have had a meeting
and Oprah must have told her,
"Girl, your show is shitty!"
Since then, her tact is working with me.
She now has one on one interviews with stars or just
every day people with no audience. She gives the history
of all these less than famous people.
I have to say, I am enjoying it tremendously.
This week she will have Susie Orman on.
I loovveee Susie Orman not only because
she is the money guru of our times
but because she outspoken on being a homosexual.
She will be talking about all of this on the Rosie show.
So, I can say I am not a complete follower yet
and I am still not in love with Rosie as I am with Oprah
because I don't believe anyone can fill Oprah's shoes in
my life, but she has something going here and I believe,
with this show, she may be a success.


  1. Rosie is a idiot, and not because she is gay. I love gay people because my daughter is gay.I believe in the comment that Donald Trump made she is a pig and a load mouth asshole. Now my Sweet Susie Armon is my finacial role model.To hell with Rosie O Donnell that ignorant Bitch.

  2. HOBL... Number one.. watch your mouth on your comments, remember this is forever and our Bean will read this one day. Two, today is the Susie Armon show so you should be watching it right now because I am and three.. if I had to judge those I liked by those you believe not to be idiots, the list would be quite short. Broaden your horizons, dear HOBL.

  3. At this point in my life - I just can't muster the patience for talk shows...

  4. I love my uncle ron