Wednesday, February 15, 2012

visitation of the bean

With the Houston trip following my night with the Bean
right after I have yet to talk about how much fun that was!
It was my first time to have Bean over night without her parents.
IT was their first night away from her together.
They had mixed emotions about leaving her
and I was so afraid they would change their minds.
I encouraged them that they needed the time together
and that Bean would be fine.
My ulterior motive was all about keeping Bean over night.
It felt like a visitation.
I promised to send pictures frequently to their Iphones
so they could see all she was doing.
Although it was very dark during her nap time with her
Mumsie, I got this cute one to send to them.
Their response?
"Send more"
Nannie Jewsy came for a few hours, she loves her
Nannie Jew, especially when she just awakens from a nap
and sponge bob is on...
This is one bed she can climb on without help...
she did it over and over and over..... and over!
She finally mastered the skill and got tired of Mumsie
singing, "No more monkeys jumping on the bed"
so she was on to other things.
Each time I tried to take her picture to send to her
mommy and deda she got so close could not get a good
The second day, I know she was missing her parentals
as she was a little fussy and I actually had to put their
wedding picture away because she kept going to it and
crying. See the tear in the above picture?
She stood by the picture window and looked out most
of the morning. I do believe she was waiting for them.
She did let me comfort her and this made me feel better
since I was feeling so badly for her.
This happens to be my new favorite picture of she and I.
The tear in her eye, her little hand on my neck...
I just love it!
She is the BEST!!!


  1. why didn't you post the goofy song you sang while you shoveled some sort of poy in her gullet? It was a combination of Elvis and a Telle-tubby. Real groovy.

  2. Oh and do ear-rings rust? That kid looks ripe for a swirly.