Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ohio Shootings

Another school shooting?
Is this to be part of the memories our children
of today will remember when they are adults.
I do not want to watch and yet
I am compelled to find out the details.
Now two more children have died at the hands
of one of their peers.
I hear the parents on TV try to talk through their
"We are supposed to be looking at colleges, not caskets"
What a statement.
I see all those parents in their grief.
Then I am compelled to look at the boy who
pulled the trigger.
I want to cry from his image almost as much
as the image of the deceased children.
He is a baby.... what makes a child do such a thing?
His grandfather and uncle are in the court room.
Does that tell us anything about where he may be.
Not parents? Are are his parents so devastated
that they cannot face the courts to see their child
knowing that his life is also over.
Are any children protected from their own classmates
who suffer from mental illness are so much rage
that they can take a gun to school and randomly
shoot anyone. A teacher chased him out of the cafeteria.
Why did he not shoot at this teacher,
what gave the teacher courage to chase him out of
that cafeteria. Adrenalin I am sure, knowing
that someone had to get this shooter away
from these children.
I know the teacher will be labeled as a hero
yet I know that individual will not want that recognition.
Having a grandchild now, having so many great nieces and
nephews it is scary. There lives are so much different
from my own childhood and it breaks my heart.
"another day in paradise"
I think not for many...

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  1. It's the school nurse's fault for not hugging that boy more.