Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's late but...

It's late and I am having to awaken at 3 am
For a sister road trip as it's sister C's birthday
So we are all going to Houston to take in
A Michael Jackson concert.
Yeah, I know he's dead but C loves him
And I don't think she believes it soooo
Every year on this date though I cannot forget
A very important thing.
Today baby boy celebrates 8 years of sobriety.
Happy AA birthday, BB!
Every year I Speak of all I am grateful for,
All he has accomplished in his
Years of sobriety.
This year I thought to look and see what other
Important events have happened on this most important
Day in our lives, on February 9th:
1) the Beatles came to the US for the first time in1964
On the Ed Sullivan show
2) 1971, Syimar earthquake killed 65 on a Richter
Scale of 6.6.
3) 1950 postal stamps went up from 1 cent to 2 cents
4) 2009 30 mummies were unearthed in a 2,600 year old tomb.
Number 5 is just as important to me today as baby boys sobriety.
As it is this day that also makes 8 years that my besties
Daughter beat cancer.
Linz has also become one of my best friends in the last
Few years and for her, and for my baby boy,
I am very humbled and extremely blessed.
Night all!



  2. I also have a lot to be thanksful for. 21 years ago I had breast cancer 21 years I am camcer free. alas 3 years ago i had breast cancer again in the left breast. and am still cancer free and so many other sickness happen to me within the last 3 years but here I am ALIVE GOD has a plan for me I know what it is but I'm fighting against that plan. and I might as WELL give in because as I have found out He WILL not give up so i give in love you sis mone