Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lenten season begins

Yesterday began my 40 days of rejuvenation.
I always look forward to this time of the year.
Even as a little girl when I used to complain
about having to go to Way of the Cross, I secretly loved it.
Unlike New Years resloutions that are usually
gone for me by the end of January,
Lenten season is a new beginning for me.
It gives me that desire to do better, be better
that no other time of the year ever does.
This year finds me with much to work on.
I won't report all I am doing this year
for Lenten season as it really isn't the important thing.
The important part of this time of year is
to remind me that I am mortal.
One day sooner, than yesterday I will die.
My faith is what has me believing in a life
better than this.
I look to these next 40 days as a new beginning for me
to make the differences in my life
that assures me a place in what
I like to call Heaven.


  1. I love the calm and quiet of the lenten season...

  2. call me crazy but that doesn't look like a church to me

  3. you are a sinner lillian and don't eat meat today you evil heatan. Father Ron will give you your penance when you get home from lil jillian. When you live right like me you will get great rewards like a 9600 check from casinos. Can I have a amen Lil.

  4. that's the devil's money

  5. Well I will have to start praying to the devil, so I can get more winnings. I will join a cult today. Can I have a amen brother Miki.

  6. stand up and testify

  7. Ronaldo... remember this is forever and Jillian will read this one day... don't make your plans so obvious to others... especially because everyone who knows you know you are FOS!

  8. If Beanie Weanie is going to read all this one day, please edit it a little more. Get the punctuation and syntax correct. We don't want her growing up to be a dummo