Tuesday, February 28, 2012


(who could not be in love with these two kiddies)

Love XM radio as I can now listen
to my favorite Oprah Winfrey
on her own network via radio.
Last night coming home from taking HOBL
to the airport I tune into the OWN channel.
Many times it is the old Oprah shows replayed
and edited for radio.
Last night is an old interview with Dianne Keaton.
I love, love, love, Dianne Keaton.
She is talented, so funny and an older aged mother
as she adopted children I think in her 50's.
This topic comes up as she speaks to the O.
She begins to read small quotes that her children
have said, she writes them down.
O questions her why she does this and she
says that children should be honored, should
be remembered for all they say and do.
She writes them down so not only will her children
have a legacy to look back on but so she can remember
because she knows in time, she will forget these things.
O asks, "What kind of Mother writes down all her
kids ever say and do?"
As I listen I am thinking
"I am that kind of Mother"
I journaled for and about my children since
the day I knew they were coming.
They now have books that cover their lives
until they graduated. I also have a copy of the most
memorable happenings that I never want
to forget. I love to write so it's no
surprise that I have done this.
I knew that they were miracles to me and
I really believed back in the day that they were
the very best kids in the world.
I mean, let's face it, it took baby boy to poke holes
in a bus seat with a pencil to make me realize he was not
perfect. Thankfully, for all of us, that happened
when he was in 1st grade.
MY perception of course.
Now I find myself doing the same thing with the Bean's little life.
The child is not yet a year old and I almost
have a whole journal written already.
Then O says something that struck me,
that I had never heard before.
"I think it is the best thing when I meet a Mother
who does not only love her children but is
in love with her child"
I have never thought of it in this way.
When they were young, I was just this,
In love with them.
I thought everything they said or did made them
the smartest kids ever. If they hurt, I hurt.
I find myself in awe of the bean almost in the same way
I was with my children.
I am in love with her.
An interesting way to think of mothering, I think!
Children deserve to be loved by their parents
but to also have a parent "in love" with you is
and extra blessing.


  1. I wish I would have written down the funny and profound things CA has said over the years...

  2. where jesi got that dress at the garage sale.

  3. That was her poodle skirt for 50's day, silly. And no comment on bb's shirt?... Catholic community center. It was his favorite place to shop

  4. Absolutely
    Without a Doubt

    NO COMMENT !!!!!


  5. Yes, a child does deserve a loving parent or parents. When a child is raised in a loving manner, then he or she usually passes it on to their kids. It is wonderful if that parent can continue to love her child, especially when they grow up. Real love never ends. :)