Sunday, February 5, 2012

"in your dreams"

The worst pain is those that come to me in my dreams.
Such is that that finds me awakened on this fine
Sunday morning at 3 am.
The dream today is centered around a visit to a camp.
I know I am a teenager in the dream because
The dream begins with me lying on a sofa
At some camp and I have children tucked under
Each arm. These children seem to be Rebecca
And little miki. Which is weird in itself
As these two, now adults outside the dream world, are
At least 7 years apart.
Yet for the dreams sake they are little,
Tucked in with their auntie lil.
I am in so much pain with them tucked there but I
Don't want them to move, to leave, so I
Say nothing but the pain is terrible.
I know that we have done some strenuous activity
And we are tired and sore and hungry
But we are waiting for rosie and another adult to come with
Pizza. I hear the car drive up and I long for
Two things:
To get these kids off me so I can move out of
This painful position and to eat so I can go to bed.
Yet, I still do not want the children to leave me so
I tell them, "let's pretend we are sleeping"
Even with all the pain I am in, we pretend to be sleeping.
The kids however can no longer stay still and playing
Asleep once rosie waves the pizza under our noses.
Rebecca and lil miki jump off of me in a fit of laughter
And I am laughing as well.
Laughing but I can not move because in the
Dream as in real life, the pain is too bad to move.
I awaken now and there is the pain, followed me right out the
Dream into the real world. It is better once I actually
Get up and begin to move around but it is 2:30am...
It is after nights like tonight imam grateful
Not to have a job as I know sleep will not find me again for hours
If at all now. It is comforting to know that I don't have to
Go to work after a night like this one.
I can take my time and make the day what I need it
To be.
Yes, the very worst pain is the ones that
Follow you right out of a great dream!


  1. o gosh! sounds horrible! hope your gets better!! love ya!

  2. i mean hope your day gets better!!

  3. I am better already, Linz! Thanks so much love you big!!!
    Jesi and I are heading to see the scary movie today... yay!! going to miss ya'll though!