Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just a small note

Yes, I am still here,
yes I am still packing and HOBL is trying
his best to get this home signed to us by Friday.
Ugh... Banks... not going to go there.
This small cool front has put me down a little
but the excitement of the new home can't keep me down
for long. Packing has been slow this week because of it, however.
I am very anxious, very anxious to complete
the process of buying the house so I can
get my hands in there!
and my heart... leaving Bean on Monday was not quite
as hard as it usually is, one, because myself and HOBL
have so much to do and two, because soon
I know I will be seeing her more often.
I love the idea that she will not ever remember
not having two sets of grandparents living near her.
Unless, of course, their lives finds them somewhere else in
their lives. I will just enjoy this time, now, and not
worry about what the future may have in store for us all.
Having Gypsy so close in Baton Rouge is nice also.
I have pics. to download of her new abode
but my wires for connection are packed, so that will have
to wait.
Will leave you with a short video, yes of Bean again...
you know I have plenty!!!
Can you believe it??? Mumsie really does correct!
BB and KD said she started going to the road
and it was important that we try and stop that.
This day shows her determination to get where she wants
to be and her frustration when she can't.
I was standing in front of her and moving
in a way that she could not go forward or pass me.
It was fun for seconds... then she got really upset with her Mumsie.
I love her tenacity... playing until she realized
she wasn't going to win, then frustration...
She even tries to distract me by pretending to pick something up.
She is so smart, our prodigy... lol

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