Monday, April 9, 2012

and the sign goes up...

Yes, the move is real,
the FOR SALE sign went up in the yard.
The boxes are being found a filled.
Now that we have Momma set up at the manor
for her medications and have all her emergency plans
in order, I have no misgivings about this move.
Especially on this day when I miss Bean so much
and am going to go there tonight and sleep until tomorrow.
I look forward to the day when a holiday comes
and it's just a matter of riding down Bayou Jacob Road
to see her and her parentals.
Until a trip to see Gypsy baby is 20 minutes a way
but will also involve a little shopping in Red Stick.
Last week, as Gypsy Baby, the Kelmiester and I
checked out all these little shops in BR I told
GB, "MY Gosh, Gyspy, this opens up a whole new world to us!"
We remember our trips when she was younger and
we would go on adventures. Never knew where we were
going or where we would end up.
Those days can come alive again, with the addition
of KD, Bean, and Kelmiester, and even Kd's momma!
"A whole new world" as The Little Mermaid would sing.
As I pack boxes it seems so easy this time.
No concerns of money as to if we should do this or not.
No worries of new jobs or if this move will make it
harder for HOBL to get to work.
Some sadness about leaving all the friends I have made here
and that I will be an hour more away from my family.
Yet, all in all, it seems easy. Then I realize
it really is easy this time, physically because this
is the first time in the last 28 years that we pack
but don't have any kiddies to pack.
Never thought I would be this excited to move
into a big house again. I love my little home
here in Thibodaux and if I could have moved this home
on water somewhere I would have.
But I am excited about this home. I love decorating
with flea market and garage sale finds.
I had stopped decorating for all the holidays
and stopped buying things I loved because there was no place
for it. This new, bigger home, has me excited for
this again. Wanting to hit the flea market, garage sale
and estate sale streets again.
This move is going to be good for me, good for my spirit.
I am getting very anxious!
If we cannot get this done for the 20th I have a feeling
I may just cry....


  1. What a joy to see you loving life so much!

  2. can't spend money at the flea market, will be broke after buying this. I need new under wears but had to sow the holes in them at work. So no shopping for you unless Jesi pays for it.