Friday, April 6, 2012

a house becomes a home

(if we can't sign on the 20th, I will just die!)
(the balcony that Carlos tells his stories from)
(Oh, and the swing set stays but I think, if BB and KD agree,
we will move it to
Bean's backyard. HOBL thinks it is the better place
for a grand swing set.)
(St. Charles is the name of this new orleans style home)
If I was not completely in love with the house
before Wednesday, I am now.
When I, BB, Kd and bean went on Wednesday to
do some measuring, we were privileged to
meet the "man of the house".
The one who's blood, sweat, and tears were put
into this house. Carlos is his name.
The minute I opened the door, this big,
black teddy bear of a man greeted me,
"Welcome Home!"
He is my kind of person, a touchy, feely,
story telling owner. He then precedes to lead me
around the house, telling me everything that I
am interested in knowing.
He laughs when I tell him his "Man" cave is about to
become a "WO-MAN" cave. Carlos has a story to tell
me about that spot but he can't tell it unless we actually
go to that room. We walk up the grand stairway and
to the scrap room. He opens the door to the balcony
and we stand there as he scans his hand over
the horizon. There is bayou Jacob, the highway called
Bayou Jacob and a sugar cane field.
"Over there you will get the most beautiful sunsets
with cool breezes. He shares that a friend of his
came to visit and landed up staying there to write a book
on the balcony, watching the sunset each night.
Carlos also tells me that one day he was laying
his last piece of sod to the back yard.
He was tired, thinking about his grandfather who raised
him after his father died. He said he turned towards
this balcony and he just felt like his grandfather
was standing up there with his arms folded,
hand on chin nodding his head yes, saying:
"You have done well for yourself, son.
I am proud. Very, very proud.
Oh I want to hug a man who speaks like this.
I don't though, I hold myself back.
There are many stories to be told about the back yard.
In one corner of the back yard there is a cement flower bed.
There is two rose bushes. Carlos says that corner
is called the corner of love.
Why? Because the rose bushes that grow there are the
actual rose bushes that were used for he and his wife's wedding.
So many stories surround this home, I wrote them all
down in my journal to never be forgotten.
I love the fact that I am moving into a home
that is not only basically brand new but is being
sold by the family who had it built.
As we stand in the foyer saying goodbye,
he tells me he will cry when he closes the door
to this home for the last time.
He tells me this as he stands by the stairs where
the back wall is dedicated to all his family photos.
Then I can't resist, I hug him goodbye. I thank him
for loving this home and promise him that
we are people who live in a home, fall in love
with its bones. I assure him that this home
will be treasured and if we ever sell it, his stories
will be told. He gets teary-eyed to this.
Yes, the new house has already became a home to me.
Cannot wait to add my own memories to those walls
as Bean grows up knowing this as Mumsie and Pappy's house.


  1. It is good to know that the home has such positive memories already!

  2. Gorgeous house dude - good job! Post more pictures...

  3. If you go on past writings to March 21 there is many pictures of the new home there. Thanks!

  4. The house is amazing!! You will make many memories there!! Such as cooking for all your friends!! Love you Amanda