Sunday, April 15, 2012

Where am I???

I know, I have been neglecting the blog.
Probably will for the next few weeks as there is much
going on here with this move and all.
So today I share a few videos of Mumsie/Bean time.
The first was on our first trip to the mall together.
Oh I am sooo happy that not only is she now big
enough to bring just about anywhere but the fact
that she is so good, makes it an added bonus.
Gotta train a girl early for the love of shopping!
This second one has a long story that I will try
and shorten. We had been shopping but Bean
was so tired. She just won't sleep if there
is something going on around her because she
is a people/place watcher. I put her in the
car so she can fall asleep and my idea was that
once she was asleep I was going to bring her
to Gypsy baby's new apartment for a nap.
She falls asleep as planned, I after much trouble
finding it, find Gypsy's apartment.
I lay her down gently on the bed with myself
hoping for a long nap with the bean.
When low and behold.... she has enough!
I am ready for a nap!
Oh but the bean, the bean has other ideas
for even though she has only slept for
about a half hour, she is energized,
ready to play. This is the video of that.
I was so tired, and I hate my voice on here,
but I love what she does to me,
how happy this child makes me.
That is obvious in the voice...