Friday, April 20, 2012

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

Excuse me for all the mistakes that may come from posting from my IPad. I hate blogging from it but computer is packed somewhere so I Am down to just the iPad and phone and wouldn't even attempt to,blog from My phone. After much to-do and ronnie having to harass nd stay on the bank to get The paperwork to close on the house, it seems like tomorrow, well Really today is the day we will officially be Plaquemine residents. The first morning imam there, I plan on sitting on my upstairs balcony And watching the sun come up over bayou plaquemine while drinking my Cup of coffee in my favorite mug that my née née gave me. There is lots to do but it's exciting. Hobl leaves on Tuesday but has A moving company lined up to move all the furniture and packed boxes So I can unpack a little at a time at my own TOMORROW,TOMORROW, I LOVE YA, TOMORROW YOUR ONLY A DAY AWAY!! As little orphan Annie would sing

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