Monday, April 2, 2012

Another april fool... that's me

(she may have been cute, but you see that grin?
that's the one she still wears while taping her momma's
water sprayer down. Caution....
cannot be trusted!)

It's been 4 years,
4 years that gypsy baby does the same April fool's joke
and makes a fool out of me.
I even think I blogged about it last April 1st.
Yesterday on my way to Bean's world,
I even thought about it and wondered if
I should watch my back.
Even told myself in my head that although
gypsy baby didn't live here anymore,
I should probably check to make sure she
didn't come here during the day and tape
the spray nozzle on the sink down
in the kitchen.
That was it, though. I didn't think about it again.
Last night I got home from Bean's world
and I go into the kitchen to fix the pups their
supper. I put on the water, forgetting the date on the
calendar as well as the prank I have been fooled with
for 4 freaking years.
Yes, the prankster has been here.
The spray gets me on the left side of my face
to spray across the island where mail to be
mailed is on to the floor on the other side of the island
Again this year, the shock of the joke takes
me a little while to figure it out and the
water stays on for longer than it should.
I finally shut off the water and am so
soaked I actually have to go and change my PJ's.
There it is... a small piece of clear scotch tape...
I am a good sport, thankfully.
I text the bitc.... oh, I mean gypsy baby and say,
"lil bit#!, you got me again!!!!!"
Her response?
A momma only needs one gypsy girl in her life...
gotta love her!

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