Sunday, April 29, 2012

internet abounds

I have internet!!
Just not much time for blogging!
HOBL is feeling much better but still having
issues with a hip so tomorrow we are going 
to ask the doctor to order an MRI just
to be sure it is just muscular.
I can tell you, it is hell for him to be at this
new home and not be able to do anything...
I like it as I can go at a slower pace and
not feel quilty.
Just as soon as every box is unpacked I promise
to get into the blogging world again
full force.
Soon this will be possible...
Love to all!!!!


  1. Lil, we are glad Ronnie is feeling much better but we pray his hip is better soon.

  2. Hope the HOBL is feeling all better soon! Glad you have internet again - we missed you at Book Club! We all agreed that we loved the book! Look forward to your input at the next meeting!


    Found this video and thought of nonc Ron .....