Tuesday, April 24, 2012

internet on friday.

I am in Thib. just for the night, going back to the 
new house this evening.
Will have internet on Friday at the new house but
until then, probably not any blogs until 
settled maybe this weekend.
Poor HOBL, was looking forward to going to work
this afternoon so he could actually rest...
He fell off the ladder yesterday onto the brick
kitchen floor and although yesterday he thought he was fine.
Yet this morning, moving is quite hard, no way he can sit
on an airplane for 8 hours.
Of course, he wants to try but I am having him go to the doctor
who I know will agree with me that with over 13 weeks of
sick time, Bp Alaska will survive without him...
So the house is still beautiful, I am still very much in love
with it even though we have been mostly cleaning.
The moving company comes to bring my things on Thursday
then I can start unpacking, my favorite part as I can
go at my own pace.
Sunday our new neighbors across the street,
Linda and Lionelle cooked lunch for us!
Red beans and sausage with home made corn bread
and for supper, Kd's parents had us over
for spaghetti! It was such wonderful showing of neighborly
love. The fact that after we ate supper at Cathy and Frank's
I was able to take bean with me to WAlmart to buy a few things
then take her back to her Mommy was awesome!
The major reason we are moving there, 
so I can spend time with the Bean and her family,
so that gypsy baby and Kelmiester are less than a half hour away!

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  1. Awesome! I hope Ronnie feels much better soon.