Saturday, April 7, 2012

two cute videos

Two cute videos for your enjoyment.
The first is bean correcting the pups..
HMMMM maybe she will be the one to finally
train Trixie.
Jake loves bean, trixie... not so much.
She doesn't really like any one but HOBL anyway.
Soon I will get to see this little baby girl
more often. On this day she came to visit
in Thib. while BB and gypsy baby
loaded up gypsy's last pieces of furniture to
complete her move to "The Shining Manor"

This second video I was able to tape
when I stopped last night on the bayou side,
where Thibodaux library used to be.
I was thinking of the things I will miss the most
about Thibodaux. Besides my Mommy and the
wonderful friends I am leaving behind, this place
is another. Many times me and gypsy baby has
been to this spot on bayou lafourche.
When she was in highschool, we came here often to study.
One Easter she wanted a baby duck.
Once the duck became full size we realized that
we probably weren't being very fair to him
so gypsy baby decided this is the place
the duck should live.
Yesterday evening I come here to see our spot
for maybe the last time in a while.
I always look for Gyspy's duck.
On this evening, I not only see a duck
that looked a lot like hers but also
three baby chicks that were following her around.
I was soooooo overjoyed.
I also found some unhatched eggs.
Will have to go back soon to check out if those
eggs have hatched. I love this spot then
realized that soon, I will have this everyday
hopefully in my backyard. Our new waterway
is much smaller than bayou Lafourche
but it is big enough to be filled with wood ducks.
How peaceful will it be so sit in my own backyard
and be able to watch ducks in a natural habitat.
This move is becoming very real.

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