Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The good people of our world.

This weekend the bestie, Laurie and her girls
and myself not only saw THE HUNGER GAMES
but went to Southdown Plantations craft show.
This year I loved it as there were a few booths
that not only had vintage things but
also had old furniture that had been remade into
other things. I was fired up when I found a booth
owned by a woman from Prairieville.
She had vintage linens for sale for a great price!
I bought two sets of old pillow cases.
One was a set that was hand embroidered
to say Mr. and Mrs.
Remember back in the day when a couple would
get married they would almost always get a set of
these pillow cases from either a grandmother
or an old auntie who lovingly had placed each stitch?
I had to have them, even if they were stitched in pink.
The second set was starched white king size pillow cases
with hand stitched decorations on ends.
They were only 8 dollars a piece but I fell in love with
them right away. When I got home, I could not
wait to get them, wash them and put them away
for the new house.
However, I realized that somehow I had dropped the bag
that not only held my pillow cases but a pecan pie, my favorite!
I was devastated but decided that by a long shot, I would leave
messages at Southdown and with those I had business cards for
in case the package would be turned in.
While texting Bestie with this news I was upset because
I didn't think I would ever see those pillow cases or
that pecan pie again. I even ashamedly admitted,
"Shoot if I had found them, I don't know if I would turn them in."
I chalked it up to a loss and hoped the one who found them
would love them as much as I would have.
Yesterday, though I have a missed call with a voice message.
Southdown called to say someone had not only turned
in my pillowcases but even my pecan pie!
I was laughing out loud, could not believe this!
I called the girl right back to claim my package.
To admit to her as well as many others
that there are still many, many awesome people
in this world, especially our small towns of bayou Lafourche
and Terrebonne. I am going to pick up these treasures
today and now, more than before they have
a story to tell.


  1. I would have eaten that pie and mailed the pillowcase...

  2. so glad u found them!!!