Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hunger games

Met the bestie, Laurie and her girls
for a movie afternoon.
Hunger games was the one we decided on.
Before all the hype of the movie,
I had heard of the books but had not read them
nor really knew what the movie/book was about.
If you speak to someone who has read the
books, they most likely will tell you they were
disappointed in the movie.
This is usually the case.
I am glad I had not read the trilogy of the
hunger games prior to seeing the movie
because I absolutely LOVED the movie.
it as surreal to me to think that children under the age
of 17 may have to be chosen to fight in games
that adults view on tv, sponsor or gamble on.
That the children from each district are thrown into
a "survival mode" game that only one
can win, all to die except one.
It reminded me of an olympics type setting.
I suggest all see this movie.


  1. The movie was great and the books are awesome!

  2. I just bought the first book to read, already know after two chapters that when I really get into it, I will not be able to put it down.

  3. That's so true. I am on the third book now and it's hard to put it down at night. I have to share it with Guy and Abby.