Saturday, June 23, 2012

What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

 Last night after spending a long day in Thibodaux with Momma,
I just wanted to view and oldie but goodie via Netflix.
is what I chose as it's one of my and Gypsy Baby's favorite.
Oh how much I had forgotten about the tremendous acting 
by two of my favorite actors,
Johnny Depp (swoon) and Leanordo DeCaprio.
Leanordo, playing and autistic teenager is featured here,
before he was Jack on Titanic.
Having, in the last 8 years learned so much about autistic children,
his acting is amazing in this movie.
Probably one of his best ever, although it is rarely mentioned.
Depp plays his bigger brother.
Having been filmed in 1993, neither had yet 
his the famous life they now possess.
Their acting is flawless and Depp's beauty is captured
more than once in this film.
The story line is amazing, surrounded around
their home-bound morbidly obese mother and these children.
It has probably been over 8 years since the last time I watched it.
It remains one of my favorites even today.
If you have not watched this ever, or it has been years,
put it on your Netflix list and let me know just how 
amazed you are with the acting of these two now famous actors.

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