Thursday, June 7, 2012

HOBL comes home, Grand isle vacation almost here!

HOBL missed his flight yesterday to come in
was soooo disappointed as I am ready for him to come home this time.
The home is more fun when he is here in it.
Hoping on Friday to come out of this walking cast 
because I broke my heel... Long story.. not today...
On Monday, we leave for our yearly Grand Isle trip.
WE all have been looking forward to it for so long.
It is the one time a year, aside from last year when we skipped
that the Riera clan takes the time to spend days together
in Grand Isle.
It is always a time for relaxation, reconnecting.
Gypsy baby is between jobs so she and Kelmiester
will hopefully be spending the whole week.
This year, we also get to add the Guilbeau in-laws
to our vacation. When a child marries,
that family also becomes family...
Can you tell how excited I am about this vacation.
Of all the places I have been,
Grand isle is still one of my very favorite places to be.
Was it not for the hurricane dilemma, expense of living there,
and Bean being 2 hours away from GI,
I would so want to have lived there....


  1. 2 words ....


  2. Hi, BFOB! We hope you had a very Happy Birthday!