Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Island adventures

Forgot my big computer, all packed, at home. My dear followers know how much I hate blogging on ipad. But.... "a giils gotta do what a girls gotta do"😳 Grand isle is lovely, my favorite time here is early in the morning,here when I waken early just so I can see the sun rise, drink my first cup and watch the sun rise. All as been most pleasant, the time spent with each is meaningful. Rod got here from work around 12:30 pm and Anna and dana at 6. I love seeing HOBL here as its the one place he kicks his feet up on the recliner And I see rest. Yes, he still mops at least every day and as the song goes, "if it makes you happy.-" A,, Kelmiester says gypsy is out of her daily element as at home she never awaken early, doesn't drink coffee and rarely cooks. kudos go where kudos are due as my wee one can cook awesomely! The first night was shrimp rapped in bacon with onion slices...- Last night, shrimp spaghetti. We all, with exception of HOBL,explored crabbing. The old fashioned way with sticks (well, galvanized pipes in this case)chicken necks, string. The 6 crabs we got gave us hope for today. Watching my little family all together in the camp with my children's aunts,anna and dana made my heart glad.

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