Monday, June 4, 2012

A weekend to treasure

Beginning on Thursday for a long weekend,
Tedi and Tiffy came to Riera R and R.
From the minute they showed up to the minute
they left, we had a wonderful visit.
Above is Tedi and I scrapping.
So many things were discussed.
I always say Tiffy is such a good mother to Tedi
but Tedi makes it easy because for a 15 year old
teenager, she has her head on straight.
She and her nannie spent a lot of time just talking
and it had been too long.
The older she gets, the harder it is to find the time
to spend together because she is a socialite.
I am glad for any time she can give me.
I don't know if she is just faking it or really means it,
but she seems to really enjoy our time together,
whether it be scrapping or shopping at flea market stores,
she always seems happy to do it.
The weekend was about relaxation for Tiffy and I think
she got that here. 
 On Saturday, my besties, Ann and Laurie spent the day 
along with bestie babies and my sweet Abby, my niece
who is best friends with bestie baby, Jessica.
Bestie Laurie had just came from a vacation and bought
me this house warming gift, a vintage clock 
that I fell in love with right from the minute I saw it.
Bestie Ann also brought me my favorite circle E candle
Bird of Paradise. Nothing was needed so the gifts were appreciated.
Sweet Abby and baby, Jessica love nature and animals
so they were in their element when finding a nest that fell out the tree
that had two babies that could not fly yet.
It was entertainment for at least an hour.
After sweet Abby called her Pop for advice,
it was decided that they would fly soon and the best thing 
was to leave them there, as they did.

 These girls are growing up so fast!
Sweet Abby, on the right, rarely looks her age of 12.
I was so happy to find that this picture here finds both the girls
looking their age and not older.
This is a scrapbook page for sure.

 We did some front porch sitting at the new abode.
All loved the new house, my favorite
part was that there are so many areas to relax and
it will be even better once we have all our outdoor furniture and
our outdoor wharf on the water.
Having no wharf did not stop any of us from enjoying the
waterway. On Friday night, Tiffy and I took the pups out there
and began to read, watching the sun go down.
When we looked at the time it was 8:30 pm!
So relaxing and to spend it with my first niece, the one 
that made me an Auntie Lil was fantastic!

 I call Lindsey, below, a bestie baby but she really has become
a great friend to me. Here, we were cutting up.
when she saw the picture, she said,
"Delete that picture, you told me silly face and you didn't do it"
My response to her was,
"Girl, my boob, looks like it's attacking you, isn't that
funny enough???"
 I love this picture of the besties.
I will scrap it with a picture of the three of us when 
we were teenagers.
I think we are aging well considering we are soon to 
be 50...50.....
Our friendships have waxed and waned over the 
years but because it has withstood many things,
I am so proud of all we do to maintain this love 
we have for each other.
 Below is me making fun of Tedi-girl....
she loves taking pictures of herself in different scenarios.
She denies it so I showed her how she looks some times
when she takes the camera out.
Of course, she is much cuter than I am in her photo shoots.
 Below is our Thursday night supper.
Baby boy came over with KD and Bean to cook 
supper for his mom and cousins, Tiffy and Tedi.
Unfortunately, because Tiffy took the pictures
she isn't in any of them.
Gypsy baby and Kelmiester also spent time with us this weekend.
Loved all the company.
I was sad when each couple of people left but more
so when the last group left yesterday, Tiffy and Tedi-girl,
I was sad. I was already having a tough day as since
I broke my heel (another story) and had to wear this 
day walking cast, my back is acting up.
They packed up and drove off and I wanted to cry but
held it together, Until I went into the kitchen and saw 
on a chalk board I have a message from my dear Tedi...
"Tedi loves you always"
then I shed some tears.
It reminded me of being a little girl, raised in the big home
of Dursette Lane.
TIffy, Tie, and Beck would come with their mom and Dad for 
the weekends and I would always get so excited for the 
weekends that they would come.
As usual, the weekends would pass so fast and on Sunday afternoon,
they would pack up and head back to Houma, where they lived at 
the time and I always would be so sad,
would retreat to my room and lay low for the rest of the day,
read or watch TV, wishing it was just Friday and not Sunday.
It is exactly what I did yesterday.
Layed low, read and watched TV for the rest of the day.
Cannot wait for the next visitors...


  1. Lil, thanks for having Abby over! I didn't know you broke your heel! I hope you feel much better soon. Take care.

  2. I didn't know either... lol had been hurting since October, got worse when moved in the new house. Finally went to the podiatrist to find out why it hurt... stress fracture... in a walking cast until I see him again on the 8th, thanks for the concern.

  3. Well, take care of that foot and I hope it heals fast!