Monday, June 18, 2012

Aunt Nan TA-TA

 The best god mother in the world will be buried today.
One of my Daddy's sisters, the chose her, when I was born
to be my Nannie. That has been a gift that I never thanked my parents for.
I have thanked my Nannie many times.
I was born to older parents who had many children and not much money.
At that time, my Nannie had raised her two children already
and treated me like a princess.
There are many stories of the things this woman did for 
me. There is the one I love and we talk about often.
When I was going through cancer treatment and wouldn't
eat anything, she walked blocks of New Orleans to buy
luncheon meat because I said I wanted it.
She got back to the hospital so happy that I would finally eat.
I took one bite and ate no more.
That is what my Nannie was.
 She bought and made me the very best gifts.
My parents didn't have enough money to buy things that
were not necessities, my Nannie did that.
Every Christmas Eve she would come to our home for 
an early gumbo and to bring my gifts.
I waited anxiously for her gifts because it would always
be the latest craze or the most wanted items by children.
One year she bought me a Texas Instruments calculator.
I was sooo happy as these things were expensive and
not many had them.
I went to bed that night with the calculator, mesmerized by
the red LED display of numbers and the thought that
with this, I could do most all math.
Her gift always, always included something hand
crocheted, because she was the finest crochet person I knew.
Dresses for me and my doll were never forgotten.
She taught me about bingo and pull tabs.
When she had her first granddaughter, Heidi,
just a few years after I was born you would think
she would have less time for me but she didn't.
Instead she brought me everywhere along with her grand babies.
 She worked as Dr. Fisher's nurse for many, many years.
Always bringing samples of medications to our home.
Always made sure if any of us were sick, Dr. Fisher
would see us that very day.
She let me sleep at her home whenever I wanted and I loved her house.
Still do, for when, in the last few years I would visit,
I still loved that house.
There are so many memories I could write about my dear Nannie.
It would take all day to spill all those in my mind and heart.
Instead I will end with these words.
If you look up godmother in the dictionary, it is her name,
Anita Guidry that should be seen there.
She taught me what a godmother should be and I used her
as my model for being a godmother.
I can only hope that my godchildren, all 5 of them 
feel the love from me that I have for this wonderful woman.
Rest, my dear Aunt Nan TA-TA until we meet again.

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  1. She was an absolutely beautiful person!