Sunday, June 17, 2012

Heaven just keeps looking better and better, doesn't it?

On Wednesday, after the most perfect day on the island, with perfect winds and crabs biting, after saying many times from 730 am to 530 pm, that this is one of the very best days of my life spent with my babies, I came into the camp to find out that not one, but two people I love dearly had passed away within an hour of each other. My dear, godmother, Anita guidry, who taught me what being a good Nannie was all about, and my besties' daddy, mr. Charles who was diagnosed with ALS just a year ago were gone from this place we call earth. Each deserves their own space on my blog and will get it when I get home. Yet, yesterday was mr. Charles' beautiful funeral and it was so warming to see all the people who gathered for such a wonderful man. As I awakened this morning with thoughts of that funeral and began to think of nannies on monday on my last day on the island, as I waited for the coffee to brew I reached into the cabinet to grab a coffee cup and I saw one in there who had a comic picture of an old lady, wrinkled and frail, holding a coffee cup. I grabbed it out of the cabinet to see what the joke was all about. There the words of this post were. "HEAVEN JUST KEEPS LOOKING BETTER ISN'T IT." I am touched by this cup that is supposed to humor me and instead comforts me. Because this week, on wednesday evening just around 7 pm, this statement became a true one. At that time, heaven became looking better because two fine people went there to wait for all of us, to prepare our place. I made a vow at mass yesterday, after hearing father Ronnie's eulogy that I will post more about later, that I will get back to my Sunday rituals of mass. Not because I believe I won't get to heaven without it but to help prepare my place in hopes to being close to these two people and all those who went before them.

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  1. Praying for you and the families!