Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Saying goodbye to Mr. Charles

I have put this blog off for long enough.
Only because there is so much to say and it's hard to say it.
After my Nannie's funeral on Monday, I went to spend some time
with bestie, Ann and to share memories of her Dad,
to talk about the beautiful funeral that went on Saturday.
I wish I could post verbatum the eulogy Peter John wrote
and shared with us as well as Father Ronnie's homily as
it said all that needed to be said about such a fine man.
Mr. Charles was like a second father for all of us kids who 
hung around his home when we were growing up.
He corrected us if we needed it but teased us also.
When he was on call for the hospital, it was a quiet
night at the Louvierre home and more than once,
Ms. Geri came in to tell us to stop laughing because Mr. Charles
needed to sleep.
One thing I always admired Mr. C. and Ms. Geri for was 
their date nights. They would leave the 5 kids home and any 
other kids that may have been at their home to go eat out
and/or see a movie alone. On those nights, I remember them bringing
their left over chinese food home and the kids took turns on who was
able to eat those left overs in the morning.
Date night was not something that couples did back in those days but
they did and I always thought how special that was.
 I was one of those people who was also
privaleged to see another side of this man
as a nurse working at Lady of the Sea.
there I realized just how important he was to the facility
that we all took as a second home, a second family.
He was looked up to, and as Peter mentioned in the eulogy,
if someone could not get a vein, it was Mr. C. who was called.
I also have to mention another thing Peter mentioned which was
it took his grandchildren to soften Mr. C. He was another person around
those grandbabies. I understand that even more now that I have my own
Bean around. Ms. Geri taught us all what it truly means to be a wife.
Although all 5 kids were there nightly to help her with the needs of
their father, it is she that Mr. C. wanted and she rarely left his side.
When Peter took the time to read the marriage vows we all recited 
on that same altar he stood on to say goodbye to his father,
he showed us that his mother carried out those vows over and beyond
what was ever expected. I know her days will be long now.
I was very touched by Father Ronnie's homily as he put a question
to the 5 children.
He spoke of the terrible disease of ALS and how hard it was to
accept this but he asked them,
"If it were not for this illness, would you 5 siblings be as close as
you are today? Would you have all gathered in your childhood home
to care for your ailing father and your mother as you did?"
Would they have stopped all they did each day to fulfill their 
love for each other and their parents?
Many of us with siblings know we don't do nearly enough together
to nurture those relationships.
Had it not been for this terrible disease, the Louivierre children
would have been just like the rest of us.
Father Ronnie reminded them to keep up those bonds as it would
be their Dad's wish that they remain as close as they are all now,
letting go the pettiness of the world and love each other.
I know that it made Mr. Charles extra happy to see 
all his children spending more time together.
I could go on forever about this wonderful man, his wonderful wife,
his 5 children and his 10 grandchildren,
how many others he helped raise, like his niece Angel.
All he has done for so many in his life but it's time to lay it to rest.
Memories of this man will forever be with me, always
warming my heart, making me proud that I was part of him.


  1. I have such fond memories of Mr. Charles - My parents would play cards with him and Ms. Geri when we were growing up and we would play with Ann, and Peter and all the other brood. Fun times... He was a kind, loving man and this world is a better place because of him.

  2. yes, lea, you are right his house was always so much fun because there were so many kids there. It was good to see your sista, Camille there!