Sunday, June 2, 2013


As Hugh left yesterday and I was able to bring Owen home
with me, things are different around here. Whereas Hugh
is older and fine to do nothing, basking in the happiness of
having his Auntie Lil serve him like a King,
My Owen, he likes to play with me.
We started our time together with the "old Lady"
Aunt Rosie visiting us after Lilian's birthday party.
We then headed to Wally world to buy all his favorites.
To come to Auntie Lil's house when you are one of
4 children, is to become an only child for a few days.
He got all his favorites,
"Steak and Broccoli" which was his text message to 
me before the visit. He then was able to fill the basket with
all of his other favorites.
Pepperoni and Croissants,
Strawberries and blueberries,
Raw bell peppers....
oh, and he scored a Star Wars toy also that was on sale.
We came home, Auntie Lil filled his supper request,
Bell Pepper, onion, cucumber salad with 
just a dash of salt and pepper, and vinegar.
Dessert was Strawberries, cherries and blueberries.
We played a new game called blokus.
Then came nighttime.
The one thing that is not cool about being the only child 
at auntie Lil's is when bedtime comes and there are no other
siblings to sleep with. You are in a strange house and making
the sleeping decisions becomes hard.
We finally settled on the Chaise Lounge that is at the foot of
my bed. Auntie Lil set him up with a blankie and pillow,
a lamp and a book. Within 15 minutes out like a light..
We begin this morning lazily.
We have big plans for surprises made in the scrap room this afternoon.
How I love this child.
He has grown up a bit and has agreed that being an
only child at Auntie Lil's house is great,
unless it's nighttime, and you need the comfort of
an older sibling. 
A horse of another color, that is the difference
between the two Plaisance brothers,
yet, I love each with a passion of a great
Auntie Lil.

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