Friday, June 21, 2013


It is finally here!
My very favorite week out of the entire year,
our annual trip to Grand Isle!
My pals, Sue (below) and her fine hubby, Keith
are the proud owners of the Mona Lisa where we are staying.
It has become our favorite spot as it is right on the beach,
no car needed the whole week unless, of course,
the Sureway is on the agenda.
Visiting the Sureway is a must, love hanging out
at the only grocery store on the Island that is also the best
place for Island suveniers.
I swear, I could live in this small slice of heaven.
 So many of my memories are made in this place.
Childhood memories, grown up memories,
and last year, adding the Mona Lisa camp and Bean to
the mix has been spectacular.
 A few years ago, when the sand dollar was our spot
I remember one small detail that made me realize that 
Grand Isle had to become a family ritual.
HOBL and I were sitting outside having our morning coffee
together. gypsy was a teenager and had a few friends for the 
week as well as KD came for her first trip with us.
We sat on the porch, early morning as all the kiddies continued 
to sleep and he said to me,
"This is so relaxing, it's the one place I can come and
enjoy myself with no worries."
You see HOBL suffers from OCD, not the one we
all joke and say we have, the real form of OCD that
is not a joke. It is very hard for him to shut off his
brain but there in Grand Isle he can.
 So today, we make our way to our peaceful place.
Days are long, I can relax and retreat to my own spaces
and HOBL find his relaxation in cooking for the troops that
will come through the Mona Lisa this week.
So many old and dear friends as well as new ones
are coming to visit, later in the week, expecting the Besties
for a walk on the beach to catch up on happenings.
The most relaxing place on earth for me.
 I am coming Grand Isle,
As Bean would say....
To all my family and friends who we are expecting
at different times of the week,
can't wait to see you all! 
With much love, 
Peace out!

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