Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No Matter how old you get...

Gypsy Baby spent the day with her Mommy yesterday.
I know her reasons were not all for
"Momma, I miss you"
as her car was piled with dirty clothes.
Following the steps it takes to keep her name "gypsy"
she washes when she absolutely has nothing left to wear.
Or that is the way it seems when after four large loads,
she leaves with a batch still in the dryer.
She asked if she could leave it there to dry and she
would care for it once she comes back today.
This morning, i don't mind taking it out of the dryer
to neatly put into her basket. 
As I pull out the warmed clothing I spot this...
Her childhood "Woobie"
So many memories come back as this child went no where
without her woobie and the fact that here in her 
wash lays her best friend from childhood.
It makes me happy to see it there.
She is 23 and still has her comfort piece.
It took me a while to show her she could go through
a day without woobie.
I thought Kindergarten would be a good age as
when she had it, she had to also suck her fingers.
Yet, her kindergarten year was so hard for her I 
waited until first grade. Even when the time came,
to rid her of the woobie, I could not. I washed it well
with Dreft and much Downy so it maintained it's 
baby smell. then I placed it in the attic.
There is stayed until one day, while looking for 
something in the attic she spotted it and from there
it became hers once more. She was older, maybe
9 or 10 so didn't need to carry it all over anymore
but used it when she needed the comfort this woobie
brought her.
When she had her tonsils out at 16 years old,
This Woobie and he Mommy was what layed with her for
the first few days.
Made my heart so warm inside as the Woobie has more history 
to it than just being her security blanket, it was hand quilted by
Mommy and her friends at the Senior Citizens club.
 The finding of this in my dryer makes me feel so much better
about keeping my Mommy's pillow where she layed her head to
die. It is on my bed and believe will be there until the day I die.
I hold it at night often, when the nights are long and thoughts
of her keep coming to me. I can still smell her scent on it.
My sisters think its funny that I won't wash the pillow case because
it smell Momma. They think it's funny that is, until they take a 
big sniff of the pillow.
So I can have my pillow and gypsy baby can have her woobie as
there is no age limit to things that comfort us.
Made this day just a little bit better!

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