Tuesday, June 11, 2013

So so proud!

This beautiful piece of paper has finally come to my baby niece, Tiffy (BeDa)
I am so darn proud of this woman.
Although we are only two years apart, she is my niece and
throughout our lives we have been more like sisters.
It would not be fair for me to post here all she has gone 
through over the last few years.

This post is not about the bad times, it is about this, the hard work
she has put into becoming and Rn and because of all her hard work
got into clinicals. Not only the hard work she has put into her studies
but all with also working full time as an LPN at Lady of the Sea
and being the best single parent to her baby girl, Tedi.
She not only worked hard for herself but also helped
many of her younger friends get through some of the classes they
needed. She has so much to be proud of, I am beaming with pride
for her. She is proof that you can be anything you want to be
with hard work.... love you BeDa!

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