Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Katie's sharing...

This morning I awaken to my daily ritual.
I check my cell phone messages to see Kd and Bean are
home safely and I thank God for a safe return.
I sit with my cup of coffee and my pup, Jake at my
favorite end of the sofa.
I check my emails and read my post here from 
yesterday, look to see if anyone has left comments.
I then head to Facebook.
There this morning, I read a lengthy post from Kd
about Motherhood and all the changes that come
about, started because of a little bitty baby.
A life changing event that you cannot, for the life of you,
explain to anyone else how your life will change.
I focus on one paragraph that brings back a memory
based exactly on what this paragraph speaks of:

I want my daughter to know that every day decisions will no longer be routine. That a five year old boy's desire to go to the men's room rather than the women's at McDonald's will become a major dilemma. That right there, in the midst of clattering trays and screaming
children, issues of independence and gender identity will be weighed against the prospect that a child molester may be lurking in that restroom.

We were visiting my brother and his family in Carencro.
Gypsy baby was about a year still in a stroller and BB
was 5, old enough to walk in the mall while holding on to the stroller.
BB decides he has to use the bathroom and we rush
to the nearest bathroom which happens to be in the
tool section of the Sears store.
He decides that this is the day he will not, for any reason
come with me to the ladies bathroom,
"I am not a woman"
he says as he is beginning to read and knows what that sign says.
Just as that paragraph states, I am in a dilemma.
I have a baby girl in a stroller and a little boy who decides 
he is a man today.
I allow him to go into the men's bathroom after I establish the fact
that the men's bathroom is empty. 
I await outside the door, nervous but at least he is alone in there.
A man tries to go in the door I have propped open with a
baby stroller. I won't let him in, explainnig my position.
He chuckles, says he can wait, will come back later.
No way I was letting any stranger in there until my BB comes out.
Then comes the loudest scream, BB back in the day,
he was as loud as I.
"Mommy, I made poo, come wipe my butt!"
He won't stop,
"Mommy, I can't do it, I need you!"
Oh I am soo torn, i try and open the door slightly and
calmly tell him to do his best and then come out so
we can go next door to the women's bathroom
where I can clean him.
"NOOOOO, I need you now!"
He is so loud that i see men in the tool department chuckling.
This is not funny.
Finally one kind man comes over to offer his assistance.
Oh, what do I do???
I can't allow this stranger to go in and wipe my son,
yet I can't leave my baby girl with a stranger while 
i go into the men's bathroom.
What am I to do, this man sees my stress
and offers this,
He will watch the door, he will prop it open
and helps me put gypsy baby inside the bathroom
where I can see her while I go into the men's bathroom
to take care of BB personal problem.
It all works out but the feelings of that day
come flooding back by just reading this post.
Oh motherhood, what a job, what a reward,
what a gift, to permanently wear your heart on your sleeve.

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  1. You are right. Motherhood is a joy and a blessing.