Thursday, June 27, 2013

Last full day of Grand Isle Vay Kay

Figured I needed to make at least a small post today since
I have received a few messages and texts that they are having
blog withdrawals. Sometimes I think no one reads this anymore that I
probably need to hang up lilbitofmyworld,
then I miss a few days and many are contacting me saying they
are missing it. So I continue to blog.
We are going home tomorrow.
It gotten quiet here towards the end side of vaykay...
but I have to say this year has been the one most filled
with family and friends sharing our time together.
HOBL and I have been so proud of those who have visited,
feeling the love of friends and family.
Nothing like a good vacation open to all those you love
to show you how blessed you are.
I can't go into detail right here and now on the scariest morning 
of my life, the morning Bean had a croup attack and I honestly
was not sure whether we could save her.
Scariest moment of my life.
Yet, all is good in the world and if I thought
I could not love her, my children or her other ghilbeau family
any more, this episode happens and we are bonded tightly
once again by the love of one little girl.
My sisters and I have joked many many times
since Mommy died of the ways we have felt our Mommy's presence.
We never laughed so much as we did on sista weekend 
when sister Ronnie was telling us how Mom came to her
in a form of a crow... a crow? of all things, Veronica a crow?
I jokingly told them Mom had not come to me at all that BI*(%
but that night, holding my bean in my arms in a bathtub
with barely any clothing on, trying to get enough steam in her
lungs and lukewarm water on her skin for her fever,
I prayed, I prayed, I begged my Mommy to please, please, please,
don't let us loose our baby. It was the very first time that I 
felt her with me. The story with Bean could have had a 
disastrous ending and yet it is all good and we are
all basking once again in her love, reminded once again
just how fragile life really is.
More later as the beach is calling my name...

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  1. Lil, we are so thankful that Jilly Bean is doing much better; thank God!!! We are so glad that you had a great time and we wish that we could have made it there. Abby had oral surgery this week. We were going to see you on Sat. and Abby cut her foot. We hope that you are all doing well. You are always in our thoughts. :)