Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just need to vent...

Tuesday night, after my date night with my bestie, Laurie
(we watch the view and text during the showing)
I decide since nothing else good on TV I am going to 
watch America's Got Talent.
Not my favorite show but I am a closet Howard Stern admirer.
(I know that is against my norm, but we all have our vices.)
I am not completely paying attention as I am also reading.
I put my book aside when I hear a young man
explain that his family abandoned him when at 18 he came
out to tell his family that he was gay.
This makes me so so angry.
I don't understand, I don't understand how when we
hold these precious babies in our arms when they are born
and we vow then and there to love them unconditionally
that anything can change that.
My full attention goes to the program now.
I watch as he cries about how lonely his life has been and
only through his singing does he find any solace.
 It is not what we, as parents are called to do, we are
not called to abandon our children when things don't go the
way we plan. The Big Man gives them to us as a gift.
All he asks of us is to love them.
That is it, to temporarily be their parent until the day they
are called back to Him.
I continue to watch as this boy belts out the most beautiful
Operatic song, and I now am so so sad for those who have
shut him out of their lives. Children are all so multifaceted.
They can be broken in an instant and we, as parents, control
the stick which can break them.
I love love love my gypsy baby. I love
both my babies and cannot think of one thing they could
do that would change that.
What a loss for this child but mostly, what a loss for his parents.
Remember, we have been chosen to care and love our babies.
It is the most important job we have. No matter what life
throws them, no matter what they throw back at us,
it is unconditional love that they should find when they
walk through the door of our home, when they
are planted in that spot in our hearts.
I love you, gypsy baby!


  1. The love of a "true" parent is unconditional. We love our children with our whole heart and nothing could ever change that. We hurt when they hurt and we rejoice with them during their great moments in life. We love them for who they are!

  2. Well said, sad not every parent feels this way. Hugs:)