Friday, June 14, 2013

Today is the best day!

 Today, aside from the Mother/daughter tea,
my sisters and I will be together for the first time since 
we said goodbye to our Mommy.
We had all grown so close while taking care of Mommy.
Of course, we have always been close. Even though throughout 
our lives we have had times that we were separated by 
"rifts" things in life that have come between us, our love for
each other has always been there.
Taking care of Mommy brought us to another level of
closeness, coming together all for the love of the best 
Mommy ever.
 So when we buried our Mommy and were no longer having
to communicate every day, we lost not only Mom but the sister bond
that was so strong while caring for her.
We love our brother, but if you have sisters, you understand
that relationship is very different, so precious.
We are missing each other, we are missing our Mommy 
and this weekend, we will hang out in our PJ's doing nothing
but what we want to do, when we want to.
I am the baby of the family, the last of the Collins girls,
I am spoiled severely even now at almost 50 years old.
I am still called baby sister and love that, never want
to be looked at as nothing but the baby.
As when I am with them I still feel that love.
Our relationships are far from perfect, but the statement,
could have been written for us Collins girls.
I miss my Mommy and the bond we had to hold together
while caring for her.
 We vowed to try and get together at least once a month yet
it is already two months since we have seen our Mom and
have yet to follow through on our promise.
I cannot not wait to have us sisters all under one roof,  one more time.
This Plaquemine house is about to become a home.
Filled with the four women who have been there since the 
beginning of my life, who all still call me Baby sister.
Who each had a hand in the reason I am still alive today.
God I love these women!

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