Sunday, November 3, 2013


Let me elaborate a little more of Bean and I's treasure hunting 
yesterday. I swear the Big Man knew what he was doing 
when he made Bean ours.
She and I both just love, love, love miniatures.
If it is small she is likely to gently and lovingly place
it in her hands, tell it "Hey, it's okay"
and hug and kiss it.
But does she have the talent at such a young age to 
pick the trash from the treasures?
Hmmmm I think she may be a natural!
First things first, if there
was an animal, whether it be a cat, dog, or
even a lady bug, those kisses and hugs were priority.
Then on to the hard job of 
junking. On a table full of little things, Bean
spots this red box, must see what is in it.
I spot the quarter price tag.
 This precious, most detailed house not bigger than three inches
is inside.
"Muzie, can we pay for it?"
For sure, as its detail, it's quality, it's collectors value,
yes, this one is coming home with us. On a table full
of little things this is the only thing she wants on the table.
She is not a hoarder, she cries for nothing just to have it,
she eyes it all and wants only this.
 Last night I decide it is time to get a closer look at this.
Anything to distract my house cleaning.... another story....
On to the collectors search for a set called the Liberty Falls Collection.
There are many in the sets that were made over
a few years. This one is dated 1997 and one of the rarer ones
called the Vedder house. 
List price mint in box?
starting price is 15 dollars.
Not bad for her first pick!
Of course, we not selling our new real estate.

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