Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wedding bells a' ringing

We, in the Collins/Rousse
families along with Amanda's family are getting
prepared for the wedding of the year.
The uniting of Arthur and Amanda.
Arthur is my sis C oldest son, one that I watched
grow up along side of my own children.
Our families love weddings. This one will
be great because this union is a perfect one.
Amanda and Arthur both love the life they have
already began to build together, this Saturday only
seals the deal. They are so cute together, so in love
and both are very ready for this union.
As for the families?
We love, love, love a party.
There is that church the sisters, the brother will sit.
We will stand when our dear sister walks down that aisle
as she is ours and we are hers.
We will dance together at this reception, eat lots, laugh lots
and celebrate. Yet, as I told Arthur and Amanda the true test
of a marriage has nothing to do with that day but
the longevity of the marriage.
There will be good days and bad times,
but as long as the union is number one in their lives
they will survive. Both are from long standing marriages,
they have been taught what commitment means and now
it is their turn to try it. 
Hoping my sis and brother in law soon have
"sugar babies" to fill their lives with.
Saturday, a union, a party.
 amanda and arthur

 arthur and his auntie lil
the rousse family, my sis, C and her boys

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  1. Congratulations Arthur and Amanda!!! We're so happy for you both!!!