Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Bragging time for the HOBL....
HOBL grew up with little.
Because of this, he loves to save.
He has saved for our future and because of this I
know as elderly people we will live comfortably.
Lately, he has had a change of belief.
Often I would tell him,
"Why don't we spend money on the people we love now
rather thatn saving for after we gone? Shouldn't we
enjoy seeing them while we are here/"
Something changed his thoughts and heart.
There is a Bible verse saying 
Funny when we are able to see this in action.
He has surprised myself and the kids with vacations.
Things we could not have without his help.
Just when he decides he will live differently,
he also applied for a new position at work.
In the past he had applied for different positions
but this time, he was asked to take the promotion.
I am so happy for him as it is something he wanted so badly.
There is some truth in that the more you give, the more you
receive. Not only has he had the blessing of watching
people he cares about be thankful for his help,
his giving but now also a position that comes with a raise.
HOBL,  he is a good man, a good provider and 
now, will be a good boss to those he will lead in
his new position.
If I don't say it often enough, 
"Thanks HOBL for being a provider to me,
to our children. Thanks for giving to those who could
not afford luxuries at this time in their lives."

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