Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Renaissance festival was a big success!
HOBL and I both agreed that it would not be much
fun anymore if not for bringing people who had
never been before as we have seen it all many times.
Yet, when seeing it through those who have never
been before, well it adds something to the trip.
Gyspy baby and her love, "MaeMae"
(her name for blog purposes)
also joined and Gypsy baby says it's cute the way
I have to go into the shops and find out about the people 
behind the Renaissance. So brings this blog.
I walk into a doll shop....
Oh yes, they had one!
I fall in love with not only the Marionettes, handmade dolls
but with the woman behind the counter.
I begin to ask about her dolls.
Each are homemade except for the ones on her right
were earned by her from the artists for making the
costumes the bestow. Her dolls are beautiful but
the only ones I can afford are the Marionettes.
She has about 10 left, speaks of a great season,
selling many dolls. After looking at each for a long time
Gypsy Baby helps me choose the one here.
I ask the "maker" what is her name?
"They don't come with names, that is up to the purchaser"
"What is your name?" I ask
"Sara" Then Sara she will be. More, I need more.
"I am from London, I married my husband when I was 15, 
he was 16. He came to London and after knowing me for
three days he said he had to take me to the states.
I told him if he wanted to take me to America, he would
have to marry me. He did and 54 years later, we still married"
I can tell by her tone of voice, she is still as in love with
him as that day. I enquire about her shops.
"This is my shop" she raises her hands and I look around
her simple but oh so cute and built by her husband.
I find out she and he travel the United States Renaissance festivals
where she has little shops just like this.
She has had 4 children and her oldest daughter actually
has the booth right next to her where
she does hand weaving....
Sometimes hard to believe that others actually live the
'Bohemian life'
the gypsy life.

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