Monday, November 18, 2013

POP, a hero to his girls....

My brod-in-law,
C.J. as I have called him,
Nonc Jay as my children call him,
Pop, as his grandchildren call him.
A quiet saint, a gentle man....
 Married to my sis, Veronica for, like, forever.
An amazing man who probably does not know just
how important he is to so many.
Friday night, as myself and TEdi-girl and Ange'
along with Tiffy roast wienies and Marshmallows
I also bring out a books I love called 
"IF" and "What would you do?"
It is a series of questions to be asked to a group
of people, life situations given to begin deep conversations
from those participating.
Tedi-girl and Ange' are Pop's two oldest grandchildren.
I ask them one question,
"If you had to pick one person in your life who means
much to you and you would like to tell them
how important they are to you, who would that be?"
Both the girls say almost simultaneously,
"POP" I am touched by this,
Pop? I ask.
They then begin to explain to me how much they love
him, how he is the one person in their lives that
they don't tell often enough how much they love them,
how fair he is to them, how he is always there when other men
are not. He misses very little that his grandchildren are involved in.
After a few minutes of this discussion I ask the second part of 
the question in the book...
"What are you waiting for?"
The girls, both teenagers now, look at each other,
they shrug their shoulders, they look at me.
They don't know what they are waiting for.
Then being the mushy Auntie Lil I am, I suggest that
both of them sit down and write a love letter to their dear Pop.
I share that not only will that touch him deeply, but they
should not put it off and regret the fact that they should have
if something happens to their wonderful Pop.
Yep, the story could end right there and it would be 
a most touching blog.
More to the story.
The next day we begin our day together by going to 
one of Plaquemine's garage sale stores.
there as we browse for treasures, I spot a vintage 
coffee mug, the brownish old type. 
I turn it around and am surprised to see right there on
the mug in big, black, bold letters is the word
Not grandpa, not pappy, only the one single word
they call one of the most important men in their lives.
Again, the girls look at each other and know they 
will buy this mug. I buy it for them, it's only a quarter
but worth so much more.
Now I tell them they are to write those letters we spoke about
and place it in the mug that I know will become one of 
his most prized possessions.
A wonderful man, that Pop.

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  1. Uncle J rocks!!! He is such an awesome man!!!