Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A gathering of Mothers, a gathering of love...

 Yesterday we gathered at our Aunt Mae Mae's home
for a gathering of aunts, first and second cousins, and a 
few men and babies.
I realized driving there that I had not been to my Aunt Mae's
home since when I was a teenager and my second cousin
Greg came home from the hospital when born.
I had that "dejavu" moment when entering a place
you have not been to since childhood,
everything looked so different but some things looked
much the same. The thing that striked me the most
was how I used to think the house was so big,
now I realize it is just an average size home.
 As I walked around and mingled,
spoke with the Collins side of my family I realized
that aside from the two sweet babies there
and the two men, we all were bonded by family as well
as Motherhood. It was such a great day, speaking
of the old days, the family members who have passed us
and how great it was to be together on a Monday.
Taking time to visit with no time limit pressured on us.
 Cousin Shana was able to show us all her 
sweet grand baby, Collin, carrying the name
that bonded us all, Collins.
I had wished I had asked to bring Bean.
 My aunt GaGAld, always looked so well put together,
so attractive is the aunt who my parent and I stayed with 
always while I went back and forth to Touro hospital.
A bond was built between us many moons ago
and I can't see her without feeling an overwhelming
sense of wanting to thank her and let her know just
how important she and her family was to me growing up.
Of course, I don't, this gathering is not about me,
it's about family and love so I tell her many times
throughout the visit, "I love you"
I am so glad I don't have trouble using those magical words
and yet, I also don't overuse it by saying to everyone
as it tends to loose it's significance when you do.
However, there is not one person in that home that
I could not say I love you and mean it deeply.
 Then my dear sweet Aunt Jeanie.
When I looked back at this picture I swear, it
was like looking at my Daddy. It kind of 
shocked me as to just how much she looks like him.
Now my Aunt Jeanie, she is just as apt to be talking
religion as throwing underlying sexual statements.
Such as when talking about her "boo-yee" she speaks
of how to make it hard and then she begins to talk
to the Taunt Mone about her knack of making "things Hard"
Oh, that Aunt Genie!
 She is hysterical in a serious way. As I took the bottom pic
she says, "Wait, let me get ready so you can take a good
picture for my tombstone when I die"
Phahahaha as sister Rosie would say....
 My real reason for making sure I was there was
for this wonderful cousin, Fay.
She is my first cousin and the daughter of my Aunt GaGald.
She was a young married woman with her cute little girl
under her toe when I went there for many years
during my treatment years.
She had only one child, Stephanie and I loved
when we went to her Mom's she always came to visit
and spoil me. One of my memories is of going to
Little Stephanie's dance recital and I was so tickled by
the fact that on the big stage, under the bright lights,
all Steph did was lick her fingers and picked up the
dropped sequins off the floor from the costumes.
The picture of that evening in my mind, still causes
a chuckle.
Cousin Fay, was so happy yesterday and so positive
about her surgery needed soon for a new diagnosis of 
lung cancer. I hate this for her and yet,
I know her personality. She will smile through the whole
ordeal, spend time comforting those she loves rather
than letting the focus be on her for too long.
I know part of her has to be a bit scared.
Which of us would not.
All her words though are on getting this done
and moving on in her life. 
I ask for prayers for my cousin Fay, and for
her family who she worries about more than herself.
 As I look onto the rooms that are filled with women
and two men, I realize most of us are mothers.
There are a few of 4 generation gatherers there.
So proud to be bonded by each of these ladies in
so many ways.
 Love all around for so many of us.
A wonderful day and on the way home,
thinking of all the memories to add to 
my heart, the drive became not such a big deal.

A blessed family are we all.


  1. I think as I go into surgery one thing that is sure is that I will try to think of all the fun things of that day and it will help me to be in a good state.

  2. so beautiful, Lilly!! praying for healing!

  3. Praying for Fay!!!