Friday, November 22, 2013


When you are raising your children, you worry.
Yes, you worry about a lot, shoot you worry about everything.
You worry about if something you do when they are
young will influence their adult life.
It is not until they grow up that you can breath a sigh of
relief if they turn out to be wonderful human beings,
an asset to society. Such is where I am with my babies right now.
I am beaming with pride. It is hard to brag of them constantly 
to people as it would be boring to others as well as 
probably obnoxious. Here on my blog, I can do that.
First my gypsy baby.
To decide to live the life of a gay woman is not easy.
She makes me proud every day.
She is nocturnal but works often at her job
at the steak house at the casino.
She does not complain about working hard.
Now she is in a relationship with the girl I will call
Mae-Mae for blog purposes. A momma knows when
"She is the one"
She is beautiful, down to earth, knows how to have fun
and adores my gypsy baby.
Spending time with her for Renaissance festival,
watching those two together, I know my baby is happy.

The "other Riera family"
is in the process of building their dream home.
I call it their dream home because they both sat
and drew their own house plans. 
They are an amazing couple, Bean is so darn lucky.
The home is now being built and the blocking is
going quickly. Almost every day we ride there
as so many changes are taking place.
A few days ago, as I walked through
the 2 by 4 walls that are going up now with my 
baby boy, as he mapped it out for me,
I could tell his excitement and oh, how proud I 
am to be his momma. A hard working son,
the best hubby and daddy a family could ask for.
Their home will be beautiful and that they made
it themselves, it will be one of a kind.
I know HOBL and I , we did a lot right.
I am sure we did a lot wrong but as adults,
I am proud to say, they are mine.

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