Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

( Bean's first Thanksgiving)
For the last four mornings, I have woken with friends and family.
Yesterday, the Bestie Laurie, the bestie babies,
the bestie baby's bestie,
and the two godchildren, Cami and Nee' all left
to go back to their own lives.
this morning, it was a very quiet one.
Wonderful company, wonderful conversations,
much bonding, much to be thankful for....
So this morning, I am basking in the wonderfulness of
family and friends. Today, I will spend my day with Kd and Bean
along with her family at "MawMaw Janice's" home.
It is a wonderful thing that when the two families of 
the union of BB and Katie began they accepted us as
family. So much to be thankful for.
I am thankful that, although I miss my job so,
I am financially able not only to retire but live comfortably.
I am thankful that although our marriage, like most,
is far from perfect, mines to HOBL is one that
he enjoys his job and the fact that I am now a stay home wife.
He has made some changes in his life that I am also thankful for.
It has been a rough few years in our marriage, and now
I can see that we are back on the upswing and although
hard, we have still remained committed to the relationship as well
as each other.
I am thankful for my children, that they are both very happy,
very productive citizens. I am thankful that Baby boy and Kd
are so much in love, such a good couple and because of t his,
such good parents to Bean and the new Baby to come in May.
Thankful that gypsy baby has a new love, one that is more fitted to her,
one that has our family union becoming stronger yet again.
I am nothing without time with my babies.
I am thankful for my siblings, my nieces and nephews,
and the great ones also, Those who love me and understand that
I have to have them in my life, always.
I am the happiest when being surrounded by Kids.
I am thankful that they allow me to not only be part
of the kids in their lives but be active in their lives.
Very thankful for such wonderful friends, those
who have been there since childhood, like the besties
and those that are new, those that I have met via the nursing career
and those who I have befriended from my many places I have 
taught religion. I am a blessed person to have so many friends,
people who love me, people who allow me to love their children.
Thankful for friends in the medical profession who have known me
for a long time. Those who knew me before Chronic Pain became
my way of life. My sweet Dr. Pitre, Pam all those who 
help me with the issues of being a thankful cancer survivor
who suffers from the repercussions of those very treatments 
that saved my life. I don't know what I would do without these
dear friends. I can call/text these women anytime and they
will make the time to help me. Wonderful peeps!
Then last but definitely never, never least, is my Bean.
Oh my Bean!
I have said often no words in the dictionary to explain the love
between a Mumsie ( grandmother) and her grandchildren.
I didn't expect to love her so darn much.
I didn't expect to beam with pride with everything she does.
I didn't expect to have a friend in such a little tyke.
I didn't expect her to love me so much as she does.
I didn't expect that she would love miniatures like I do,
along with scrapping, "awt wowk" and books.
Tea parties, and singing, we have so much in common.
I know people have to get sick of just how much I speak of her.
She is not replaceable and I find myself, when not with her,
always thinking of her,what she is doing.
If I am somewhere where she is not, my mind is always thinking,
"Geezer, Bean would love this!"
So on this wonderful Thanksgiving morning, I find many reasons
to be thankful. With Christmas right around the corner,
it seems as though many stores, people are going straight from
Halloween to Christmas.
Let us not forget to be Thankful, not just this day, but all days
for all the good in our lives. 
With the thanksgiving, let us also remember those
who have suffered this year.
Those who have had to say goodbye to people they love way too soon.
To all the parents who have had to kiss their babies goodbye before
they expected. To the grandparents who suffer the loss of 
their own grandchildren. I cannot even imagine this...
Life is sometimes complicated, hard to understand
but if you look around, there is always, always much to be 
thankful for.

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