Monday, November 11, 2013

Friday, as it should be...

I am late on posting about my adventure on Friday.
I have been a tad busy.
Friday, Friday, Friday.....
it was the most fun I have had I think since
the Mommy died.
I started my day with visits with dear friends,
Linsey and Wendy.
Saturday Lins was having her baby shower and I
couldn't make it but I think our visit was even better
because we were able to sit and talk for 
an hour and a half. To talk about the "deep stuff"
like the love of a Mother to her child,
what is about to happen to MiMi, Wendy,
that there are no words I can tell her that would 
even begin to explain how her life is about to change.
She thinks she knows, I did too.
Oh but I cannot wait to speak to her once baby
ELLA K. is put in her arms for the first time.
Like all visits with those you love,
it passed too fast, 
Then it was sister day.
The one day a month that we attempt, very hard,
to get together on behalf of our Mommy,
she would want that. 
Mone couldn't make it and believe me when
I say we all said many times, 
"Wish Taunt was here!"
It was our first time to go back to Mommy's favorite place
besides the Manor, Amelia Belle.
Oh Amelia Belle...
We were starving, really hungry and sister Rosie,
being the casino chick she is, had enough
points on her AB card to treat us all to free buffet.
Okay, the Collins sisters, the one thing we love almost
as much as each other?
Yes, that would be FOOD
We love our Food!!!
The Buffet had shrimp!
AS Bubba Gump would say...
Could go on. I and my typcial self, really had my eyes
on the prize.... Chocolate fountain!
Oh my, pound cake, strawberried and marshmellows
with skewers to dip in the chocolate.
Oh Be Still, My Heart!
The fun though had yet to begin.
We seperated for a bit but then decided
we had to find our favorite HOT SHOT machines
and attempt to get some together.
Three in a row, with 15 free spins with every three bonuses spun.
Okay, you would have thought we were winning thousands
of dollars with the way we were hooting and hollering
for just winning the free spins.
Pennies, dear readers, yes, penny slots and we were a screaming!
Laughing screaming, cheering, dancing!
You have to know we must have been loud when
a few security guards came to make sure we were okay
or needed escort. One young one jokingly said
he thought he was coming to get a Millionaires autograph,
only to find out we had spun a 6 dollar win.
I have never been to a casino where I was asked to 
try and be a little quieter. Then the big security boss
came down from the upstairs office and asked us
very nicely to lower our excitement by just a little,
that she had gotten complaints that we were scaring the elderly 
gamblers... Are You Serious!???
We may have lowered our octave but we definitely did not
lower our silent cheering and dancing for each other.
None of us wanted to have it end.
It was a great night, Mommy would have been so proud.
I missed them.
When I got in my car to go home, yes I was already
lonesome. These girls? They were are family,
my first best friends. all there from the first day
I took my first breath. We may argue, we may sometime
have enough of each other but we always, always,
always love and have each others back.
IF there is one thing in my whole life I would not every
change, that would be the family I was born to,
the sisters that I call mine.

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